Patrons must fill out an information card at the desk to begin borrowing materials form the library.  They will then be issued a library card.

Children must be in a least the first grade to have their own library card.  A parent of guardian must accept responsibility for juvenile patrons.

The library shall be notified of any change in a patron’s address of telephone number.


Books, new books, audio books, cassettes, and CD’s are lent out for three weeks while DVD’s are lent for one week.

Patrons are expected to respect this arrangement, particularly if the book is a popular one with a waiting list.


DVDs are loaned out for 7 days; five may be taken out at one time.  Patrons must be at least 18 years old to sign out tapes.  Patrons may return them in the book deposit box when the library is closed.  A charge of $1.00 per DVD per day is charged if they are late.  Patrons are expected to pay the fine before checking out additional tapes.  Patrons are also expected to pay for lost of damaged tapes.


The fine on overdue adult books is ten cents per day for each day the library is open, with a limit of five dollars per book.  The fine on overdue children’s books will be the same as that of adult books, with a limit of five dollars per book.

Inter-library Loan

Books not available in the Tappan-Spaulding Memorial Library may be requested from other libraries in the Finger Lakes Library System.  These requests usually take one to two weeks to fill.  Books may also be requested through WorldCat if they are unavailable within the system.

Library Behavior

Students are expected to study, research, or read in an orderly manner with minimum noise and activity.  Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult.  Any behavior that is disruptive to the library use is prohibited.

Internet Safety Policy


Open Meetings Policy

Confidentiality of Library Records

Sexual Harassment Policy